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Sustainable Waste Management

Waste Management Concepts

Based on the Waste Management Act from 2002 the obligation to draw up a Waste Management Concept was restated. As in the past such a concept has to be submitted if you are applying for a permit for a new plant. It is also needed by any company employing more than 100 persons which was lowered recently to more than 20 employees. A further innovation concerns the regular updating of the waste management concept every 7 years.

For numerous branches specific concepts were drawn up in order to help to use waste prevention potentials and to increase the recycling rate. This enables not only an important contribution to the national economy, it is also a concrete benefit for the company because the most inexpensive disposal is that one you don’t even need.

You are obliged to draw up a waste management concept due to the size of your company and to submit it to the authority or you need it for an authorisation procedure?

With simple means I would like to draw up a concept for you which also helps you to save money in the long run.

Christian Keri

Christian Keri Ph.D.
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