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Sustainable International Waste Management Austria

Keri Consulting

Christian Keri Ph.D.
Consultant, Lobbyist,
certified Auditor for WEELABEX

Sustainable Waste Management should not impose any burden on companies, it should be a contribution to future-oriented action which helps to ensure and increase the value of companies.

I offer you an efficient and competent consulting regarding any problems in the field of waste management, which allows you to focus on your business. I support you regarding contacts with administrative authorities and in any cases related to recycling and disposal of waste.

Your success is my success.

Mr. Christian Keri Ph.D. - Keri Consulting, Vienna
Mr. Christian Keri Ph.D.

Waste Management - Services

Sustainable Waste Management - My offer 


  • consulting services adapted and specified to your individual situation and your specific needs in the field of regional and international waste management,
  • economic feasibility studies in order to optimise your disposal costs,
  • waste management concepts for submission to authorities and
  • support and lobbying concerning the implementation of any waste management projects including feasibility studies.
Packaging - Sustainable Waste Management - Keri Consulting, Vienna - Austria


Sustainable Waste Management

You have questions concerning the EU Packaging Directive or the Austrian packaging ordinance or you are not sure if all the statutory provisions are met? You are not sure if you have chosen the right assignment to the respective tariff-category of packaging material. You got the impression to pay too much licence fee. Is it worth to change the licence scheme? 

There is competition and there are alternatives. I will help you to find the best solution for all your questions.

You are exporting goods to neighbouring countries and want to be sure to fulfil all the legal regulations concerning the respective packaging law. I will provide you all the information you need.

Electronic scrap,  Sustainable Waste Management

Electronic scrap

Sustainable Waste Management

You have questions concerning the EU Directive for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment or the Austrian transposition of this regulation or the Battery ordinance? You are not sure, if you have fulfilled all provisions and comply with the actual banned substances. You wish to get independent information concerning the compliance schemes, the assignment to tariffs or you consider to change the compliance scheme? You are going to export appliances to neighbouring EU countries and do not know which kind of requirements you will face?

End of Life Vehicles - Sustainable Waste Management - Vienna, Austria

End of Life Vehicles

Sustainable Waste Management

You are dismantling or shredding end of life vehicles, but you do not know if you fulfil all the relevant documentation- and reporting obligations. I would like to assist you to comply with all the regulatory requirements, so that you can focus totally on your business.

Waste Management, Sustainable Waste Management, Keri Consulting, Vienna - Austria

Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management

Your waste disposal costs increase every year? You would like to decrease your costs, but you do not have enough time to work on that intensely. I will analyse your costs and draw up suggestions for a highest possible savings potential. Low effort, but high benefit!

Waste Management Concepts, Sustainable Waste Management - Keri Consulting, Vienna - Austria

Waste Management Concepts

Sustainable Waste Management

Due to the size of your company you are obliged to develop a waste management concept and to submit it to authorities or you need such a concept for the application of an authorisation.

By means of simple tools I will draw up a concept which also helps you to save money in the long run.

WEELABEX Audit, Keri Consulting, Vienna - Austria


Sustainable Waste Management

You are operating a treatment plant for waste electric and electronic equipment and want to make sure to meet all regulatory requirements? At the same time, you want to express to your partners and clients the high quality and achieved resource efficiency of your work. A simple audit leads to an international accepted certificate, which makes your company to a valued partner for the whole European region.


EU Council Regulation regarding HP 14 „Ecotoxic“

Council Regulation regarding HP 14 „Ecotoxic“ results in new hazardous waste streams.

The Council Regulation (EU) 2017/997 amends the previous definition for the hazardous property HP 14 “Ecotoxic”. One of these new criteria defines waste which contains a substance

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