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Keri Consulting - Fair to Earth - Sustainable Waste Management, Keri Consulting Vienna, Austria
Waste Management , Sustainable Waste Management - Austria - Vienna
Sustainable Waste Management

Waste Management

In any production company and also in trading companies arise different waste streams. Among them are secondary raw materials as paper and metals as well as hazardous waste like neon tubes used in manufacturing halls or offices.

Usually the nearest waste disposal company is commissioned to collect all the waste arising. In many cases containers are provided by the disposal company for which a monthly rent has to be paid. Additionally, each emptying has to be paid, so that at the end oft he day the disposal costs are increasing every year.

You want to reduce those costs and simultaneously you want that your waste is recycled as best as possible but you don’t have the time to deal with that in depth. I will analyse your costs and will show you your individual cost-cutting potential. For you, this means low effort paired with the highest possible benefit.

Christian Keri

Christian Keri Ph.D.
Eisenhüttl 89
7543 Kukmirn Austria

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