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Christian Keri - Keri Consulting - Fair to Earth - Sustainable Waste Management, Vienna - Austria
Keri Consulting - Fair to Earth, Sustainable Waste Management - Vienna - Austria
Christian Keri - Keri Consulting - Sustainable Waste Management - Vienna, Austria

Dr. Christian Keri

Sustainable Waste Management - Consultant, Lobbyist, certified Auditor for WEELABEX

Sustainable waste management should not only consist of keywords helping to improve the image of a company. Waste management is an integrated part of the whole national economy.

It means to prevent harmful impacts to the environment and to save resources like water, energy and raw materials. By the consequent implementation of these principles you can reduce the purchase of expensive raw materials and simultaneously the arising waste can be sold as secondary raw material. Doing so, recycling means a valuable contribution to the revenue of the company. 

Sustainable waste management is also a key topic of the European Commission. Just recently they adopted the Circular Economy Package which relies heavily on recycling and recovery and is embedded in the strategy for a sustainable economic growth.

Time is ready to move on from a mere disposal management to a modern circular economy. You should also set measures to improve your business. I will assist you to implement measures that pay off. Your success is my success.

Christian Keri

Christian Keri Ph.D.

CV - Professional career

  • 1991 bis 2011
    Ministry of Environment

    Responsible for technical aspects of ordinances regarding extended producer responsibility.

    Packaging ordinance, End of Life Vehicles ordinance, Ordinances regarding Refrigerators, Lamps, Batteries, Electric and Electronic Equipment.

  • 2011 bis 2017
    Managing Director

    Recyclay Österreich GmbH (Consulting).

    Reclay UFH GmbH (Packaging Collection and Recycling Scheme).

  • Juli 2017
    Own Business

    Founding of the own management consultancy.

Christian Keri Ph.D.
Eisenhüttl 89
7543 Kukmirn Austria

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